Is the data I see in Priori for my own apps my actual data?

At the moment, we do not show your real data to you if you connect your accounts. All the data in the platform is estimated. 

While we strive to be as accurate as possible for all apps, there are multiple reasons why our estimates for your apps may not be completely accurate:

- First and foremost, we take your data privacy very seriously. Partners that share data never have their actual data shown in the platform, which means estimates are always shown. Due to the estimation methods we use, which rely on publicly available information combined with publisher data points, some variance from your actual numbers is to be expected.

- Because rank is a major signal for our models, our estimates for apps that have spent a significant amount of time outside of the top charts may also be less accurate.

- In some markets, we are more accurate than others. Our accuracy depends on the number of partners we have in specific country/category combinations. Therefore, if your app is in one of the combinations in which we do not have a considerable amount of partners, it is probable that you find a gap between our estimates and your real numbers.

- Finally, apps that have large fluctuations in performance historically are much harder to retrospectively estimate. For apps such as these, we may be less accurate.

If you are interested in having more information about our methodology, check our methodology.

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