Is the data I see when looking at an app page without unlocking it real data?

Unlocked App Pages are designed to give you a sneak peak into an app and it's recent performance, so you can decide whether you want to Unlock it to get further information. Public app pages provide a mix of real data direct from the stores, Priori Data estimates, and some sample data, which is provided so you can more easily understand the full functionality of the app pages. 

Real Data: 

  • Metadata and other data derived directly from the stores (average rating, pricing, country availability, etc)

Priori Data Estimates:

  • Global downloads for the past calendar month
  • Global store revenues for the past calendar month
  • Growth estimate for Month-over-Month growth of Downloads and Revenue compared to last calendar month.

Sample Data: 

  • All data behind the Trends charts is sample data. It is populated to allow you to test the functionality of the charting tool, but does not reflect the estimate data for that app. 
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