What is "Revenue" in the platform?

Our platform provides revenue estimates for paid apps and apps that offer in-app purchase items. 

Apple and Google both take a 30% cut of revenue made on paid installs and in-app purchases through their stores (since Apple's recent change of policies, for publishers that manage to keep subscribers for more than one year, that commission will get down to 15%). Revenue estimates displayed on our platform are net of platform commissions: they reflect what is actually paid out to the publisher.

You will find "Revenue" in three different instances in the platform:

  • Install revenue: The amount of revenue generated from paid installs;
  • IAP (In App Purchase) revenue: The amount of revenue generated from In App Purchases;
  • Total revenue: The sum of install revenue and IAP revenue.


! Note !:

All numbers displayed on our platform are estimates.

All revenue is converted to US dollars using monthly average exchange rates from OANDA. 

We do not provide advertising revenue estimates.

To learn about how we calculate our revenue estimates, click here

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