What is a "Category" in the platform?

A category is a 1:1 mapping of the categories available for publishers to publish in and for consumers to browse in the respective app stores. 

For the purpose of allowing a user to analyse a category, we assign apps to their “primary” category.

In the Google Play Store, we simply take the category in which the app is published. In the Apple Appstore, however, a single app can be assigned to multiple categories. In this case, we take the first category that appears on publicly available lists. For example, if an app’s first category is “Business”, then we classify it as a “Business” app. For gaming apps in the Apple Appstore, the primary category is always Games. 

For example, Clash of Clans iOS' primary category is games, and its sub categories are: Entertainment, Strategy (Games), Action (Games).

In the market intelligence tool, you have the possibility to apply the "Primary category" filter for the Apple Appstore to make your analysis easier. Please be aware that games sub-categories are considered as categories.

With our Market Intelligence tool, you can dive deeper by playing with the filters and the keyword search. For a quick tutorial on Market Intelligence, click here.

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