What do your clients/partners use Priori Data for?

We have asked our clients/partners, and here are examples of questions they have answered through our app store intelligence tool

  • Which are the biggest competitors to WhatsApps and how fast are they growing?
  • We experienced a 15% month over month growth last month. How does that compare to the market?
  • What are the general monetization trends? Is Freemium taking over in all categories?
  • Who were the top 200 new Publishers in the App Stores last month?
  • A competitor of ours did a TV campaign. How successful were they in driving more downloads?
  • What’s the impact of being “Featured” in the App Store?
  • How much money is the top grossing game in the US making per week?
  • How much more money are the apps 10 ranks higher than us making?
  • Who are my competitors based on keywords "bubble shooter"?

We have also created video tutorials, according to the most common use cases:

Priori Data Market Intelligence: App Store Leaderboards & Niche Markets Analysis

Priori Data App Market for Lead Generation


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