How do you tier the product / what do the different plans offer?

Our core focus since we started back in September 2014 has been AppStore Intelligence and Market Intelligence, and we have just recently entered the AppStore Optimization space in order to provide actionable tools for developers to improve their visibility in the stores, and therefore improve their number of organic downloads.

As such, our Pricing plans are divided into three main parts: App Store Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and App Store Optimization. These three sections can easily be combined as needed.

Even though their structure and feature offering are different, all three comprise:

  • Full data set for the apps you select: Whichever plan you select, once you unlock an app, you will have access to full historic download and revenue data for that app across all countries we cover*. Similarly, once you track a keyword for an app in one country, you will have access to its full ranking history for the country and app selected. 
  • Full flexibility or a discount if you sign up for an annual plan: You can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. If you decide to commit to an annual deal, you effectively only pay for 10 months instead of 12.

* For the Free plan, estimates shown are global - no country-level data.

'Free Plan':

Apps: Allows you to unlock historical data for 3 apps in a single watchlist. Add as many locked apps to your watchlist as you like (all locked apps show global for the last calendar month).

Keywords: You can track 5 keywords/month.

Users: One user per organization is authorized to sign up for a free plan.


Below you will find the details of our different paid plans:

App Store Intelligence

Unlike other app store intelligence providers, Priori does not tier on countries or categories. We also do not insist that you lock yourself in to an annual subscription. We recognize that your app store intelligence needs and areas of interest may very well change over time and our plans reflect that. 

Our product is tiered based on the amount of data accessed. For a more elaborate description of the different App Intelligence plans, please see below.



'App Intelligence Basic': 

Apps: Allows you to unlock historical and country level download and revenue estimates for 10 apps in your Watchlists. This plan is great if you only need to keep track of the performance of a small number of apps.

Users: Two users per organization.

Support: Email.


'App Intelligence Pro':

Apps: Unlock 50 apps in your watchlists.

Users: 5 users per organization. 

Support: Email+Chat+Phone.



Market Intelligence 


'Market Intelligence Basic': 

Markets: For two categories (sub-game categories count as categories).

  • Scope: Global +57 individual countries
  • App Store Leaderboards, Google Play & Apple App Store combined or by store
  • Cross platform Keyword search for niche market analysis (e.g. return all apps that map to 'BMX')
  • Filters: Categories, device, business model +App Launched within last 7, 30 days, during the current year to identify new apps  +App featured/not featured
  • Time periods: Since first tracked, last year, YTD, +previous to last available quarter, last available quarter, +previous to last calendar month, last calendar month, +last 30 days, +last 7 days, last available day
  • +CSV export

Publisher portfolios: Access to full publisher portfolios: aggregated and individual performance of the apps published by a publisher, as well as Country of Origin of publisher when available.

Users: Two users per organization.

Support: Email.


'Market Intelligence Pro': 

Markets: For 6 categories

Same as above.

Publisher portfolios: Same as above.

Users: 5 users per organization.

Support: Email+Chat+Phone.


App Store Optimization

Our App Store Optimization tool is available for both iOS and Google Play and keywords can be tracked in 18 different countries. 

We have tiered this tool based on the number of keywords available for tracking each month and the number of countries for which you wish to check keyword data.


'ASO Basic':

Apps: 3/month.

Keywords: 500 keywords to track/month. Access to:

  • Keyword ranking page for unlocked apps (keywords and app is ranked for)
  • Keyword Explorer: all apps that are ranked for a keyword in a country
  • Keyword Comparison: how different apps' ranking for a keyword compare over time
  • For all tracked keyword/app and per country: ranking of app for that keyword in the store and country selected, popularity score for country selected, and competition score.

Countries: 1.

Users: Two users per organization.

Support: Email.


'ASO Pro':

Apps: 10/month.

Keywords: 2,500 keywords to track/month. Same features as above.

Countries: 10.

Users: 5.

Support: Email+Chat+Phone.



If you need more on either of the parameters or if you are interested in getting access via API, get in touch. You can write us directly to set up a call at

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