How do you tier the product / what do the different plans offer?

Our Pricing plans are divided into three main parts: App Store Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and App Store Optimization. These three sections can easily be combined as needed. Usage and Audience Intelligence are an add-on to App and/or Market Intelligence.

Once you have "unlocked" an app in the App Intelligence section you have access to its historical download and revenue data in all the countries that we cover. With the usage add-on, you get usage and retention data on top of that.

Similarly, in the Keyword section, once you start tracking a keyword for an app in one country, you will have access to its full ranking history for the country and app selected.

The Market Intelligence section is tiered by categories (1 category is 1 of the stores' category on one platform). If you have access the Business Category on iOS for instance, you have access to aggregated historical downloads and revenue data for all the ranked apps in this category in a given time period. With the Usage Add On, you get DAU and MAU estimates for those apps.


If you are interested in any of these plans or would like to get access via API, get in touch. You can write us directly to set up a call at



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