What are your Data Sources?

We use 3 data sources: 

1. Store Data

Obtained directly from the app stores. We scrape store data daily and get publicly available data such as: ranks, reviews, descriptions, screenshots...

2. Proprietary Data

Shared by our App Publisher Partners. By connecting their accounts with us, we get access to their actual revenue and download numbers from the moment when their apps were launched (in plain terms, we are able to see historical data).

We have been scraping the appstores since September 2014, so our data set goes back to September 2014.

3. Priori DNA

It's the first 3rd party syndicated platform for mobile app intelligence data & services at the device-level

●  PrioriDNA sources Event, Location, Device, Installed App, and Demographic (soon) data

from more than 1 billion unique-user devices across more than 100 countries

●  By leveraging the breadth and scope of existing 3rd party provider, PrioriDNA offers best-in-class data scope, quality and actionability.

For more on methodology, check out our Methodology page.

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