What is Keyword Intelligence?

Keyword Intelligence is the App Store Optimization part of the Priori platform.

This tool helps you to optimize your keywords and boost your organic downloads. With any of our ASO plans you will have a set number of keywords to track, in a set number of countries. The core of our App Store Optimization offering revolves around three metrics:

  • Keyword Ranking: How does an app perform for a given keyword in a particular country per day.
  • Keyword Popularity: A metric representing search volume in the stores. Indexed from 5-100.
  • Keyword Competition: A metric representing how difficult it is to enter the top 10 results for a given keyword. Based on the volatility and popularity of apps in top results. Indexed from 1-100.

With Keyword Intelligence insights you will be able to:

  • Get suggestions for other relevant keywords to test out
  • Compare how different apps are performing for a particular keyword over time in terms of search results ranking and estimated keyword installs.
  • Know which apps are ranked for which keywords.
  • ASO is available for both iOS and Google Play, in 19 countries.
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